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Travel Partner

Travel Partner switches to digital telephony with Microsoft Teams

Ellmau, May 2023: We are pleased to announce that we are saying goodbye to the old landline telephony and can announce the successful introduction of the new digital telephony solution in our company in collaboration with Microsoft Teams. Our old telephones have been banished from our desks and all internal and external calls are now made exclusively via Microsoft Teams. This strategic move is another important milestone in our endeavour to provide our customers and employees with a first-class service in digital form.

The introduction of digital telephony with Microsoft Teams offers us numerous advantages that significantly increase the efficiency of our communication and collaboration. It gives us a number of advantages that will help us move forward in our digital world:

Seamless integration: our colleagues can now use calls, video meetings and messaging in a single, integrated platform, making communication and collaboration more efficient.

Flexibility and mobility: Microsoft Teams enables our employees to work flexibly from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

Collaborative work: We use Teams to promote real-time collaboration within our company. This allows our employees to work on documents together, join meetings and collaborate virtually, regardless of their location.

Time savings: The ability to hold virtual meetings reduces the need for travelling and saves time and costs.

Continuity of business processes: The introduction of Microsoft Teams provides business continuity as employees can continue to work productively even in unforeseen situations, such as natural disasters or pandemics.
Cost efficiency: Digital telephony with Microsoft Teams has helped to optimize our telecommunication costs.

Improved customer satisfaction: Faster and more efficient communication with our customers allows us to better respond to their needs and offer them an even higher level of service.

Michael Poot, CEO of Travel Partner: "We are proud to use these innovative technologies to improve our services. The transition to Microsoft Teams was a carefully planned and smooth transition, executed by our dedicated IT team".

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