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A mosaic of culture, history and nature

Geography and location 

In the middle of Europe lies a country that enchants with its cultural treasures, culinary delicacies and natural wonders. Hungary, the land of the Magyars, combines the heritage of ancient civilizations with a modern energy that makes it an unmissable travel destination. 

Budapest: Glittering metropolis on the Danube 

Nestled in the curves of the majestic Danube, Budapest shines with an elegance that appeals to history lovers and culture creators alike. Iconic buildings such as the Budapest Parliament and Fischerman's Bastion (Halászbástya) rise proudly over the riverbank, while the Budapest Opera House offers the finest melodies of classical music. 

Thermal springs: The earth's gift to Hungary 

Hungary is known for its rich thermal springs and spas. Budapest's legendary Széchenyi Baths, Gellért Baths, Rudas Baths and many others offer thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms and spa treatments. Places like Hévíz, Badacsony, Eger and Sárvár also offer first-class bathing and wellness experiences. These baths are ideal for people looking for relaxation, relief from health problems or just a relaxing holiday surrounded by natural beauty. 

From historical gems to natural wonders 

Places like Eger and Visegrád are time capsules that preserve stories of heroic battles, royal intrigues and deep spirituality. Esztergom, as the cradle of Hungarian Christianity, exudes deep religious significance. And then there is the picturesque Balaton, whose banks and water areas promise relaxation and adventure. For those who want to experience unspoilt Hungary, the Puszta and Hortobágy National Park are places of raw beauty.

Lake Balaton: Europe's inland lake full of charm and culture 

Lake Balaton, often called “Hungary’s Sea,” is the largest lake in Central Europe and a magnet for travellers. Surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, it offers an idyllic setting for water sports, relaxation and culture. Historic towns such as Keszthely, with the impressive Festetics Castle, and Tihany, known for its abbey, testify to the region's rich history. The vineyards on the north bank are famous for Balatonfüredi Olaszrizling. In summer, numerous festivals and concerts attract its shores, while nearby thermal baths attract wellness lovers. Lake Balaton combines breathtaking nature, culture and relaxation in a unique travel destination.

Culinary delicacies: A feast for the palate 

Hungarian cuisine is a dance of flavours. While the goulash, seasoned with the distinctive paprika, warms the heart, the noble wine regions offer world-class wines, especially from Tokaj. And for the brave there is the fiery Pálinka. 

Melodies and Traditions: The Heartbeat of Hungary 

Hungarian folk music is more than just melody; it is the soul of a nation expressed in harmonies and rhythms. Debrecen, far from the big cities, maintains the authentic Hungarian spirit. Every trip through Hungary is a walk-through history, culture and natural beauty. It is a country that is both rooted in the past and dynamically looking to the future, welcoming its guests with open arms. 

Recommended season 

Hungary shows its best side at any time of the year. Spring, when flowers bloom and temperatures are mild, is great for city exploration and hiking. Summer, especially at Lake Balaton, is ideal for beach holidays and water sports. Autumn, with its colourful leaves and grape harvest, particularly in wine regions such as Tokaj, is a particularly attractive time to visit. Winter in Hungary can be cold, but the snowy landscapes and warm thermal baths offer a unique combination of relaxation and adventure. No matter what time of year, Hungary always offers a rich program of festivals, cultural events and traditional celebrations.

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