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Disciver Germany

A journey through the heart of Europe

Geography and location 

Germany, centrally located in Europe, invites you to embark on a journey of discovery full of cultural, historical and natural treasures. With a unique mix of tradition and modernity, this diverse country offers countless experiences that captivate every visitor. 

The coasts of the North and Baltic Seas 

The German North and Baltic Sea coast stretches for hundreds of kilometers and offers an impressive variety of travel experiences. From the picturesque islands and islands of the North Sea to the famous Baltic Sea resorts and the impressive chalk cliffs of Rügen. Mudflat hikes, historic coastal towns, wonderful sandy beaches and culinary delights are waiting to be discovered by you. 

Berlin: Where history comes to life 

The past meets the present in the vibrant capital of Berlin. The historic Brandenburg Gate stands as a symbol of German unity and history. But right next door, modern life pulsates with contemporary art galleries, trendy cafés and a cultural scene that is second to none. Berlin is a city of contrasts that will delight you with its energy and charm. 

Bavaria's charm: From Oktoberfest to the Alps 

The heart of Bavaria, Munich, is much more than just the home of the famous Oktoberfest. With its charming Bavarian character, it offers a wealth of cultural attractions, from magnificent churches to cozy beer gardens. And just a stone's throw away are the majestic Alps, which not only delight outdoor enthusiasts but also form a natural border with Austria, our equally charming neighbouring country. 

The romance of the Rhine and Cologne splendour 

Vineyards that shine in bright colours, especially in autumn, stretch along the picturesque Rhine, and imposing castles bear witness to a rich history. In Cologne, the impressive Cologne Cathedral rises into the sky - a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and an absolute must for every visitor to Germany. 

Germany: Land of fairy tales and legends 

From the romance of the Rhine to the impressive castles like Neuschwanstein Castle, which sits amidst the Bavarian Alps, Germany is truly a land of fairy tales and legends. Historic cities like Heidelberg attract visitors from all over the world with their narrow streets, old university and castle. 

Culinary journey through Germany 

Germany's culinary landscape is as diverse as the country itself. While the south scores with hearty dishes such as pork knuckle and white sausage, in the north you can enjoy the sweetness of Lübeck marzipan. And of course the classic delicacies such as Bratwurst and Sauerbraten should not be missing. Each region has its own specialties waiting to be discovered. 

Modernity meets tradition in Frankfurt 

Frankfurt's impressive skyline, often called "Mainhattan", stands in stark contrast to the traditional half-timbered houses found in many German cities. As an important financial centre in Europe, Frankfurt impressively shows how Germany combines tradition and progress. 

Recommended season 

Germany impresses in every season. Spring and summer are ideal for exploring the city and exploring nature. Winter enchants with snowy landscapes, especially in the Alps, and atmospheric Christmas markets. Autumn, with its colourful leaves and grape harvest in the Rhine Valley, is a particularly attractive time to visit. 
This land of contrasts, where history and future go hand in hand, will delight you with its rich culture, breathtaking nature and warm hospitality. There is so much to discover in Germany!

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