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We attach great importance to energy efficiency in our offices in order not only to protect the environment, but also to reduce our operating costs. We rely on innovative technologies and intelligent solutions to optimize our energy consumption. 
Our commitment to energy efficiency in the office not only shows our awareness of environmental sustainability, but also our desire to offer our employees a pleasant working environment and to fulfill our responsibility towards future generations. We are proud to do our part to reduce energy consumption and achieve a sustainable future.

Technologien TRAPA
Environmental awareness through digital transformation

We have reduced the need for printers, toner and paper by around 70% through digital transformation and the introduction of digital document management.

LED Licht
Energy efficiency in the office

In our offices we use energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-saving devices, while in our headquarters a digital “smart home” control reduces energy consumption by automatically switching off consumption sources that are not needed at night.

Moos grün
Digital solution for virtual meetings

By using Microsoft Teams for internal and external communication, we promote virtual meetings instead of face-to-face meetings and thus reduce our travel activities. Mobility savings and ecological footprint.

Conversion of the company fleet

By converting our fleet to electric cars and our home office offer, we are actively minimizing our ecological footprint.

Teams Kopfhörer
Environmentally friendly IT equipment

We use energy-efficient notebooks and devices and ensure proper recycling of old electronics in order to operate sustainably.

Minimizing waste through recycling

We have implemented waste separation and recycling for paper, cardboard and plastic in our office.