For many years now, sustainability has no longer been just a personal attitude of environmentally conscious citizens, but more and more an issue for companies. We too want to do our part to keep our "carbon footprint" as low as possible.

Reducing energy consumption

When buying equipment for our lounges, we pay special attention to low power consumption and to the fact that the units offer ECO programmes.

Our offices are well-insulated and are tempered with conditioning technology. Our employees are trained in energy-conscious behaviour. (Airing, switching off devices, ...)

Reducing pollution

Recycling is our top priority. We provide appropriate containers on every floor to separate paper, cardboard, organic waste, residual waste, glass and cans.

Local Produce
We provide our employees with free juices, soft drinks and water in recyclable glass bottles and fruit and vegetables from regional suppliers. This saves packaging and waste, long transport routes and supports the regional economy.