Our strategy

As the largest, non-corporate incoming agency, it is our motivation and commitment to make the future of the travel industry safe and sustainable - with outstanding products, innovative technologies and tailored services. Quality is very important to us, which is why our company was certified in 2009 according to ISO 9001. All processes within the TRAVEL PARTNER GROUP are subject to a consistent quality management system. We have defined standards for all individual services and constantly monitor their compliance.

1. Strengthen core business

A strong core business begins with first-class products. The TRAVEL PARTNER GROUP's product range is constantly being adapted and expanded to meet growing demands. As part of this growth strategy, we are also strengthening our digital sales strength. In December 2017, we expanded our business by founding ADAPURA Hotel and Resort GmbH and establishing our own hotel chain.

2. Healthy growth

The growth in global demand for innovative travel products will continue to increase in the coming years. Creativity, sound market knowledge as well as attentive service are important cornerstones for the steady growth of the TRAVEL PARTNER GROUP. We will drive our innovative strength by focusing on our core competencies and constantly expanding digitization in order to generate healthy, profitable growth.

3. Leader in technology

Through the use of advanced technology and the development of state-of-the-art systems, our principle is continuous development, the integration of new functions and the extension of interfaces.

4.  Driving digitization

Digitization is changing the entire industry. That's why we are constantly driving digitization forward with a focus on the customer. The stronger networking of our products and services enables faster, direct access. This allows us to react to your wishes in a faster and more individual manner. In order to be able to successfully exploit the opportunities offered by digitization, our structures and processes are being continually changed and merged with the existing ones.