What makes a successful Tour Manager?

This is easy to answer: a Tour Manager is a combination of Social Worker, Cabaret Artist and History Professor. The Social Worker is capable, worldly and responsible. He/she is a leader, committed to reaching out to others. The Cabaret Artist is a talented storyteller, can convey the humorous events of yesterday and today and can entice guests to sing and dance. The History Professor has the knowledge of the past and knows the impact it has on the present. He/she is well informed about regional characteristics, social customs and local culture.

How do we create this personality profile……….these geniuses?

These are the 3 fundamental training pillars at the Travel Partner Tour Manager Academy.

Our motivated trainee Tour Managers undergo an exciting and all-round 3 month training programme. It is not only about interesting facts and figures and about the country and people, but also about their character and personal development. Public speaking and drama are as important as training tours on board a coach.

Due to their comprehensive training, our talented Tour Managers can transform a simple journey into an adventure, making it an unforgettable experience. They are champions of our motto: Total Service!